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Short Term Rentals ~ Locally Owned ~ All Inclusive

At Aiken Luxury Rentals, we are proud of our clientele. We attract a sophisticated mix of professionals and sportsmen from all over the country and internationally.  Please read what they're saying about Aiken Luxury Rentals:

Aiken Luxury Rentals
"It was fun, interesting and rewarding work.  I enjoyed being part of it all and working with two terrific people whom I really admire."
Nicole from Ann Arbor, MI

Sweet Bay Cottage
"I must say I found you to be an extremely attentive landlord and when I called the issue was remedied in a very timely fashion.  For those us that travel from Project to Project that is a rarity these days and most appreciated.   
I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and again your timeliness in returning my deposit.
Judith from , Chicago IL

The Gatehouse
"I am loving our fabulous gatehouse cottage!!  I feel like I'm living in a little hamlet in Europe somewhere, it is quite spectacular!! 
Darcie from Marshall, VA

Foxglove Cottage
 "It is a wonderful little home!" 
Anne from Austin, TX

Kershaw Square
"I hope you enjoy living here as much as I have these past few months.  Your new Landlords Simmie and Bill are wonderful.  You also have great neighbors."
DeAnne from Jackson, SC

Wedgewood Cottage
"I truly enjoyed the rental property and will share your name and company name with my fellow company associates for future business trips."
Clarence from Pompano Beach, FL

The Loft
"The Loft was HANDS DOWN the loveliest place I've ever lived, and I find myself disappointed with every apartment I check out here in DC because NONE compare!"
Tawny from Washington, DC

Camellia Cottage
"Your homes look fantastic!"
Aonghus from London, UK

Crepe Myrtle Cottage
"We enjoyed Kershaw Square.  You and Bill are a class act."
Monica from Knoxville, TN